To the left you will find a navigation bar to help you find your way around the site. A short description of each link is as follows:

Home - Brings you back here

FAQ – Covers most questions that come up about the remedies, from how they work to how they are made.

Dr.Bach – Dr. Bach was the originator of the Flower Essences. A short biography of his life and how he discovered the remedies.

Short List – This is a list of all 38 Bach Flower remedies with a concise, one sentence description. A good place to start.

Symptom List – If there is a specific symptom you are suffering from it is probably on this list. A very long list of symptoms and the remedies that are used to treat them.

Questionnaire – A list of questions that may help you narrow down your search.

Animals – A description of how the Bach Flower Remedies can be used on animals and a description of behaviors that go with each remedy.

Resources - This isn't the only site on Bach Flower Remedies. There are some other great ones out there. Here you will find links to those other pages. You will also find liks to some books that I have found helpful.