What is Rescue Remedy?

Rescue Remedy is a mixture of five Bach Flower Essences:

Cherry Plum – Fear of losing control

Clematis – Daydreamer, No Interest in Present, Lives in Head

Impatiens - Impatience

Rock Rose – Terror, Sudden Alarm, Nightmares

Star of Bethlehem – After effects of fright, grief, or shock

It is the most famous remedy, being used by celebrities such as Princess Diana and others. Lots of people use it as a general “stress reliever”. It is also called for in emergency situations. I have added it to water used on plants that were neglected and about to die and they looked great within days.

Does Rescue Remedy count as fives essences?

No, traditionally Rescue Remedy counts as one essence.

How long does it take the Bach Flower Essences to work?

A person’s willingness to change is the most important factor in the speed of treatment. There are a number of other factors too. The length that the condition has existed is an important factor. The longer a condition has existed the more entrenched it will have become and generally the longer the remedy will take to work. If ones self image is built heavily around the emotional state being treated it can also add to the length of the treatment.

What happens if I take the wrong Bach Flower Remedy?

Nothing. If you take the wrong remedy and there is no blockage to dissolve then nothing happens. There will be no side effects.

What if the remedy isn’t working?

You might have picked the wrong essence. You may not be taking it often enough or you may be strongly resistant to the change which the essence facilitates. Try reassessing what remedies you need. If the same ones come up, add Star of Bethlehem to the mixture. This can help knock out any entrenched blockages.

I feel worse since I started taking the essences, should I stop?

This is rare, but can happen. I’ve noticed it especially with Agrimony, but it happens with other remedies too. In homeopathy this process is called a healing crisis. The theory is that in the process of releasing the energy blockage it must pass through the being, causing emotional and sometimes physical symptoms. It can mean that a person is now very aware that he, for example, talks too much, and notices every time he does; before he was far less aware. Rescue Remedy can help with the transition

How will I know when to stop taking my mixture?

Oftentimes one will simply forget to take them after a while. This is a sign that the problem that they were originally taken for has been taken care of. If this progression doesn’t happen a reassessment of the remedies you are taking after two months should be done.



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