Are there other things I can do to help the Bach Flower Essences to work?

Yes. Making an affirmation of the change you want to happen can be a helpful way to accelerate the healing process. For example, if taking Aspen, repeat “I have faith in life. I am being guided.” Paying attention to dreams is very helpful too. Oftentimes dreams become very vivid when taking Bach Flower Remedies. It may be useful to create a dream journal, write them down, and review them.

Are the Bach Flower Essences safe for children and infants to take?

Absolutely. In fact the essences often work quicker because the children haven’t had time for the blockages to become entrenched.

Can I give Bach Flower Essences to my pets?

Absolutely. Veterinarians are becoming increasingly open to recommending the Essences as part of their diagnostic work. Plants, by the way, like them, too. If you are having trouble believing that they work try using them on your plants or animals. They have no way of knowing what you are giving them and the results are often convincing.

Do the flower essences work just as placeboes?

In the end all medicines work through somewhat of a placebo effect. Look at any study of a conventional medicine and there a significant number of people that improve when taking a sugar pill. But there is an effect above and beyond that of the placebo. See some of the stories on pets in the testimonials section. The convincing thing for me was how well they work on plants and animals, and me.

I'm a recovering alcoholic. Can I take Bach Flower Essences?

That is something that is up to you. The Essences can be diluted to the point where you can't taste the alcohol in which they're preserved. If you are making a personal mixture you can substitute vinegar as a preservative. Another option is to use the essences on the skin. They still have an effect even without being ingested. Some people put the essences in hot tea, causing the alcohol to evaporate while still getting the effects of the remedy.

Will the Bach Flower Essences work if I give them to another person without them knowing about it?

Yes, but it is ethically questionable to do. It would be like someone giving you a conventional medicine without you knowing. What happens if they have a healing crisis or if they uncover another problem they need to treat?

Rescue Remedy can be given liberally in emergency situations.


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