Gentian is for depression and feeling of insecurity because some "known things" didn't go as they expected.

Gentian belongs to the group of essences for those people who have doubts, indecision, or they are discouraged or downcast because of their skepticism. When we feel that things are exceeding our strength, when we feel each obstacle that appears makes our world collapsed, and we feel disappointed, no doubt there is lack of faith in ourselves. This it is the fault that Gentian helps to counteract.

This flower shows in its negative state, the model of Failure. For people in negative Gentian state it is very difficult to release (either people or things). When they have a misfortune, they are carried along by inertia and they do not do anything to change things. They cannot see the experience they can get from their errors. They become very complaining and they don't allow themselves to see the good things that are running in front of their eyes. Gentian causes that the person becomes aware that must let things be, without clinging to them. It connects us with the desire to live life with optimism. It gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes, to grow spiritually, to connect with our Internal Wise. Formerly, Gentian was used like a digestive herb. Bach demonstrated that it also could help the spirit to digest the misfortunes of life.