Agrimony people have two faces, one public and one private. Inwardly they are troubled and even tormented by fears, anxieties, and expressed feelings. They try to conceal their troubles from others and in many cases from themselves. Outwardly they put a brave face on things, making flippant remarks in a crisis. they are often known as peacemakers because they do not like unpleasantness and try to smooth over conflict both in their life and of those around them.

The distinguishing feature of Agrimony types is the smiling face they wear when things go wrong and the fact that they seek company to keep themselves from thinking for when the mask slips they veer into a state of utter hopelessness and despair. They may turn to drugs and alcohol in an effort to blot out their woes.

This remedy helps people consider things more objectively and communicate more freely with others. Rather than suppressing negative experiences they will be able to come to terms with them, and express them if necissary. They gain inner strength and stability to deal with the problems that they have besetting them. In the positive state they will be able to see life in perspective, preserving their valuable sense of humor which can lighten dark times but will get rid of the need to maintain a false facade.