Cerato is the essence for those times when we're feeling insecure and prone to asking others for advice, particularly on subjects no one else can really answer for us. Cerato helps us get in touch with our own intuition.

Cerato is for constantly seek the advice and counsel of others. Cerato is used for the basic treatment of underdeveloped self- confidence, insecurity, lack of independence, dependence, and lack of instinct. The condition is characterized by the wish to make everything right and - because of a lack of self esteem - the need to be dominated by others.

The basic motivation of the Cerato person is the desire to always do the right thing. Her problem is that she does not know what the right thing is, and the mistake she often makes is that she believes that others do know and can tell her. Instead of listening to herself and trusting her own judgment, she asks everyone around her what she should do, and then becomes frustrated when she realizes she has followed the wrong advice

Cerato people can’t make a decision. They are not able to sort out the facts and act on them. They seem to lack inner conviction so that no matter how many people they ask or how many facts they have they still cant make a decision. They have a lack of inner confidence - a lack of inner belief which makes them afraid to take the step forward that is needed

People in negative Cerato state feels insecure about their own abilities and is very difficult for them to take decisions. Allowing their rational part to govern their answers, they have forgotten their connection with their Higher Self, denying admit their infinite interior wise.