Cherry Plum is for people in danger of committing irrational acts or losing their reason.

It is a real emergency remedy, when the person has lost his clarity of mind and he is scared very much because he doesn't know what will happen to him in the next moment while being in this stressing mental cloud.

When a person is in a negative CP state, the personality has completely turned away from the guidance of the Higher Self. It is therefore unable to cope with the more powerful forces it feels arising within itself. It reacts with fear. It fails to realize that there is a law that every mental & spiritual development means activation not only of the bright, constructive, positive forces, but also those of the other side of the coin, the dark, destructive, negative forces. Anxious efforts are made to keep those dark forces down beneath the surface but pressure results in counter- pressure.

As soon as the personality submits to the guidance of the Higher Self ,it is led through chaos & darkness to the light of its true destiny, &hence to ever greater knowledge. Tremendous energy reserves become accessible. The personality then becomes able to bear extreme external &internal adversities that are powerful enough to break others.

In a positive CP state, it is possible to enter deeply into theunconscious & to express & realize the insights gained there in terms of reality. One is able to handle great forces spontaneously & composedly, making enormous strides in development"

Cherry Plum