Vision - Life has a wide vision, its lessons are not learnt intellectually they must be integrated into action. If the same pattern is continually repeated we are stuck in the energy of that moment. Chestnut Bud helps move us into the present so that we can see with greater objectivity, and learn from life's lessons.

Positive Quality - Is about attention to the now & what is necessary to move on without repeating the mistakes of the past. With this quality we are keen observers of life & learn from past mistakes, finding it easy to absorb & assimilate information, we are good students.

Negative State - CB in this state never learn from their mistakes. They repeat the same drama or get into the same mess time & time again. Everyone around them is at a loss to understand how they can be in that situation again. This can also be seen in students who are clearly competent but the lessons somehow are not remembered. They forgot everything they were taught as they walk out of the classroom at the end of the lecture

Chestnut Bud