To make up a combination, use 2 drops of each desired Bach Flower Essence to one ounce of water; for Rescue Remedy use 4 drops per ounce of water. You can add up to 20% alcohol (usually brandy or vodka) as a preservative as desired, but some animals dislike the taste. (You can use flower remedies straight from the stock bottle, but they taste terrible!) You may use up to 6 essences in combination, with Rescue Remedy counting as one essence. In general, use the fewest essences possible.

The remedy can be given by mouth, which is the most effective method. Only a few drops (4-8) are necessary, and need not be swallowed, but only must contact the mucous membranes (gums, tongue, lips). Be careful not to contaminate the dropper by touching it to the animal (if this occurs, rinse the dropper in very hot water before returning it to the bottle). You can also add a dropper-full to the water dish, or a few drops on wet food (there is no effect of dilution).

You can add a dropper-full to a spray bottle filled with spring water, and use it to spray a room, carrier, car, around litter boxes or plants, or other problem areas. You can even put a few drops in your hand and pat the animal on the head and around the ears with it--the head is very sensitive to energy and will absorb the flower essences in this way. In the case of chewing or excessive licking or hot spots, you might want to try applying the remedy directly to the problem spot (if it isn't too raw, otherwise the remedy will sting); the animal will then consume it when it next licks that area.


Just a few drops (about 4-8) of each flower remedy at a time are sufficient. For serious or acute conditions the remedy can be given as often as needed, even every few minutes. For most behavioral problems 3-4 times a day for 2-4 weeks is reccomended. If the response to the remedy is adequate by that time, you can begin to wean off by decreasing the frequency of administration. You may need to add a dropper-full to drinking water or give once a day long-term for some problems.

Multiple Animals

The Bach Flower remedies are safe and nontoxic,will not adversely affect any other animals in the household. It is fine to put the remedy in a common water dish. In some cases we may even want to treat multiple animals in this way. The Bach Flowers work through a principle of resonance; if the animal needs the remedy, the remedy will act. If the particular remedy is not correct, there will simply be no effect.

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