Dr. Bach began studying medicine at Birmingham University. He completed his schooling at University College Hospital in London, qualifying as a physician in 1912. The next year, Dr. Bach held medical and surgical positions at different hospitals in London. He became interested in immunology while working as an Assistant Bacteriologist at London’s University College hospital. He discovered that there were certain bad bacteria were connected with chronic disease. Dr. Bach developed a group of vaccines for seven bacteria that worked wonderfully. His methods recorded by the Royal Society of Medicine, published in medical journals, and accepted as general practice in medicine.

Dr. Bach continued his research at Harley Street until 1919, always interested in the individual needs of his patients, believing that there was a safer way to treat disease. He took the post of pathologist at the London Homeopathic School where he was introduced to the works of its founder, Samuel Hahnemann. He began to create vaccines homeopathically, using the philosophy, “treat the patient, not the disease.” This resulted in the seven oral Bach vaccines, also called nosodes.

Bach continued coming up with new ideas based on observations of his patients. Certain types of people reacted the same way to different illnesses and treatment. He came up with a theory of types, dividing people into seven types, each corresponding with a different nosode. He discovered that by prescribing according to his patients reactions to their illnesses, as opposed to the illnesses themselves, he was able to treat the disease better.

At this point he was still treating the physical aspects of disease, but knew his work wouldn’t be complete until he found a method that treated the negative emotions and mental states that was the true cause of illness.

Dr.Bach’s search took him out into the countryside of England and Wales. In Wales he found Impatiens and Mimulus growing wild. He returned to London, prepared the remedies, and began prescribing them with remarkable results.

By the 1930’s he had discovered 38 remedies that cover all negative states of mind. In 1935 he announced his work was done and began traveling, educating people on his new system of healing

Dr. Bach’s work is based on the following principles:

- life is seen as a learning process

- ill health, whether mental or physical, is to help us understand more about ourselves and our purpose

- when there is harmony between our physical and spiritual selves the body will heal itself through natural processes

- the mind and body will remain healthy if emotional equilibrium is maintained


Dr. Bach - A Short Biography