Are you distressed by arguments and quarrels, often "giving in" to avoid any conflict?

Do you find yourself hiding your worries behind a cheerful, smiling face in an attempt to conceal your pain from others?

When you feel life’s pressures weighing you down, do you often turn to alcohol or to drugs or other outside influences to help you cope?


Do you awaken with a sense of fear and anxiety of what the day will bring?

Do you have feelings of apprehension, anticipation, or uneasiness with no known causes?

Do you worry that something bad may happen but you are not sure what?


Are you annoyed by the habits and shortcomings of others?

Do you find yourself being overly critical and intolerant, usually looking for what someone has done wrong?

Do you prefer to work or be alone because the seeming foolishness of others irritates you?


Are you unable to say no to those who constantly impose upon your good nature?

Do you often deny your own needs in order to please others?

Do you tend to be timid and shy, easily influenced by those stronger nature than yourself?


Are you often seeking advice and confirmation from other people, mistrusting your own wisdom?

Do you change direction often, first going one way, then another because you lack the confidence in yourself to stick with one direction?

Do you constantly question your own decisions and judgment?

Cherry Plum

Are you afraid of hurting yourself or others?

Do you fear losing control of yourself?

Do you have tendency to act irrationally and violently, exploding into unexplained fits of rage and anger?

Chestnut Bud

Do you fail to learn from your experiences?

Do you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again such as choosing the wrong type of partner or staying in a job you dislike?

Does it take you longer to advance in your life because you are slow to learn from past mistakes?


Are you possessive and manipulative of those you care for?

Do you need to be needed?

Do you often feel unloved and unappreciated by the loved ones "after all you have done for them"?


Are you drowsy and listless, sleeping more often than necessary?

Do you find yourself preoccupied and dreamy, unable to concentrate for any length of time?

Do you often feel spaced and out of touch with the "real world"?

Crab Apple

Are you embarrassed and ashamed of yourself physically, finding yourself unattractive?

Are you obsessed with cleanliness?

Do you tend to concentrate on small conditions such as pimples or marks, neglecting more serious problems?




















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