The best book I have read on the Bach Flower Remedies is Bach Flower Therapy: Theory and Practice by Mechthild Scheffer. You can currently get a used copy on Amazon for .84 cents.

Another great book to start with is The Bach Flower Remedies. It is actually three books in one. Two written by Dr.Bach himself. Its a good introduction to the remedies.

To get a bit more into the advanced pratices of Bach Flower Remedies you should check out New Bach Flower Body Maps by Dietmar Kramer. The book associates different parts of the body with specific remedies. When the remedies are used on these parts of the body they are more powerful. A good into to a different way of looking at the remedies.


The Dr.Edward Bach Centre doesn't have the prettiest website, but it has some great information on the remedies including a comprehensive FAQ. The Bach Centre is where the official essences are made. They also offer practicioner courses including a correspondence course.

A very cool free 12 lesson course in the Bach Flower Remedies is offered at a website called A Place in Space. They also have a good page on affirmations to use with the remedies.




















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